Tina A (7 Jan 2011)
"To Don Flowers, "Fish & Birds"/ To all Doves"

I opened your post and read Eccl. 9:12, The verse you wrote out. I thought very interesting... I am going to look up verse Eccl. 9:11...So as I was turning to that book, I noticed (yes for the first time ) That Ecclesiastes only has 12 chapters. So after I read chapter 9 verse 11... I read the whole chapter of 12 !! EVERYONE must read it and think about right NOW this century. Yes, Solomon was writing this at the end of his life. Wisdom he passed on to people, as in the Proverbs...But, OH man ! This sounds Like PROPHETIC wisdom from God Himself- for us... in 2011 & 2012. (Emphasis on 12. Yes, 12 again )
So, especially read verse 7 in chapter 12, keeping in mind "the rapture" ! Wow I am so, so excited ! This was written and randomly numbered years later, from thousands of years before...For us today (that are into numbers (= ) because nothing is a coincidence in Gods words ! That He guided men's hands in numbering passages, and How they placed thing's perfectly.

Speaking of headlines news just now, If God was not getting peoples attention with a 100 thousand dead birds, in Sweden. This morning This
was the New breaking News !!?? Jan. 6

2 million fish found dead in Maryland

When the earths gets out of balance in nature from Mankind...there WILL be plagues and pesticides and earthquakes, floods,etc. Eeek It is all happening, as predicted, from ancient times, for such a time as this !!

Tina Abrams