Tina Abrams (19 Jan 2011)
"To Cindy-Please read ?"

Dear Cindy,
I would like to ask you to read my e-mail on 5-doves on the 17th (Monday) I wrote it to Spoely & Paul W. So people probably didn't read it because it was to them ? But I think you will agree with me ? Because I totally agree with you and I want you to know how MANY of us feel..( I do not know what persons post you were refering to ?) I Love American Indian's. I was fascinated as a little girl with them and would put pictures of them around my room. Then at 10 years old. My Dad, who was a Conservative Baptist preacher, moved from Oregon to Grand Coulee WA. Right next to The Nespelem Indian reservation. They are the "Nez- Pierce" Indians. Their famous Chief was "Chief Joseph". People did not move to that small city or from there very often. So I got to make friends with many Indian kids in our Jr. High. Those were my "wonder years"..  So we all are not "hateful" (=

Tina Abrams