Tina Abrams (17 Jan 2011)
"To : Spoely & Paul W."

I Loved that 11yr old boy's memorization and I was crying through the whole video. I sent it to as many people as I could. So when I read Paul's talk of the "Rock band" in the background...I was shocked ? I was trying to think of what to write. I decided not to. So your letter back to Paul, was PERFECT !! You said it better than I could of. It is exactly what I think. "Dido". So that led me to add alittle more about music.

When I was a tiny little girl My Mother had a record she played for us. It was called "Soothing sounds for Baby's".  On the back it said they did studies on baby's ...When they are in their Mother's wombs for 9 Months ..Guess what they hear ? First the "heart beat"of their Mother. Then gurgling , well you get the Idea ? So this whole record was just beats and rhythm's. There was no melody. or music. I thought that was fascinating. As a adult I tried listening to it later and it drove me crazy. But the point is, Beat is the RHYTHM that GOD Himself has placed throughout the whole world from the beginning of time.. The Heartbeat of Life is beat. Music. God probably created the WHOLE world with a orchestra. Sounds and rhythms are EVERY where . Humans were born naturally drawn to rhythm, music, beats. Music can change one's moods or describe their moods. You listen to what you feel like, many times. I do not like Head banging acid rock music. And I feel that they are just super angry (Christian or non ) But From the time you see a little child, He or she will pick up a toy and "bang" it or have you seen a toddler move and clap to music ? Or fall asleep to a lullaby ? It is what GOD placed inside of all of us. Just like Spoely said. Man can turn it for worshipping their creator, who created it, or worship the creation ? We all were built inside with Talents and gifts and can use it to glorify God. Do not give so much power and credit to the devil. He twists everything GOD made "That was good". Yes, in Heaven, I believe it is very BIG and each of us will get to go to a place of our choice of music or worship. And it will be fun and good.

A personal story that is relevant. A few years ago we were living in Nicaragua. Where my Husband taught at a mission school. The electricity would go out ALL the time across the whole city. I was laying on the couch in the dark listening to a radio station from there. They played only older songs from America. On the only English station. I had been crying out to God and had just read  about how Jesus said to PRAY to HIS Father not always to HIM.
(Yes they are ONE, but it was very strange to me ?) So, I prayed to The Father about my depression. That SECOND (not minutes later...) Literally that second ! Came on the song by "ABBA" (who they said they named their group after for the first letters of each of their names. They are not Christians( heheheheh) ABBA- meaning "FATHER" . The song was "Chiquitita" (No- I never really was into Abba as a girl so hadn't ever sat and listened to every word..) But I did in amazement for the first time ! It was exactly to me. To me. Right then. Word for word. Even at the very end it seemed they said slowly "Chick-a-TINA". The title means "little girl" in Spanish. (They are Swedish (=). Many little miracles happen to many of us like this all the time that we could share. My Point is, Like in Gods word it says
"God sends down rain on the wicked and the righteous. He helps give food to the wicked and the righteous. He gives the sun by day and the moon and stars by night over the wicked and the righteous. We are all walking around together down here. In the end, He will separate us. But He can speak through any thing or anyone HE chooses. We are all clay in His hands. WE choose who we give the Glory to. The Devil is not the heartbeat (heart which is LIFE/ breath to us humans.) Talented musicians are given that music ability from "God". God. God. His work-man-ship. So Just like what music you like and enjoy for you to. Gods ways, all throughout creation. His CREATIVE ways. He is very, very, AWESOME ! With a HUGE rhythm !


Tina Abrams