Tina Abrams (14 Jan 2011)
"To Daniel on your Obama dream"

One of my son's is 18. But my youngest is 15, just your age.. So lately we have been watching all the older TV series "Heroes". About people with special abilities. (Please do not watch. Many episodes are very GROSS graphics) But the super power's in some people they use for evil and other's, the person uses it to "Save the world" or their friends. Or for good. Anyways, one older man has the power of puppeteer. He can literally look at someone, switch his hand and they do exactly with their body and face what he makes them do. Like your dream about Obama.  And yes, this puppeteer man is one of the BAD super power guys. There is also a lady that is 2 (of herself) one wants power (is bad) and one wants to just be a mom. Both are suppose to be physically SUPER strong. Then actually she splits again (so there are 3 of her) and the third "her" is the super power ability, that freezes people and she can turn into water. She has used it for good so-far. Anyways, This is what instantly came to my mind after reading your 3rd dream ! You asked for any ones input ? So I also thought of someone post months ago about a little 6yr old boy's dream or vision (a boy could not think this up ) Was that he saw everyone here (on earth) has clones in heaven and our spirits from here are going to enter them some day ??? Wild !!
So is this is a "peek" into the spirit world that none of can SEE ? That yes these bodies, Tents, will perish, can bleed, And DO have to have The HOLY SPIRIT come within us to make us "Alive" with Christ !!? But before we do this, we are dead to HIM (not part of His family,cannot enter HIS presence ) because are OLD man is evil, and has power to destroy or in- prison our spirits ? So we can NOT be free in CHRIST ???? I probably do not make sense and am watching to may super natural, Super Hero shows ? My head has to big of a imagination and you probably do not understand a thing I am saying, at relating to your dream about Obama !!??? SO I will stop.
Tina Abrams