Tina Abrams (14 Jan 2011)
"To : Clay and Chris K."

I think it very strange,That I always am triggered by the same thoughts on certain e-mails. It is wild to me ? So I had printed out Clay's e-mail on 1945 Atom bomb. For personal reasons. But I had written on the print out (notes to myself) WHY did Clay write this e-mail ? What did it have to do with the rapture or anything ? For years I have followed Clay's posts. His vision's, dreams and thoughts, but never have written to him because they all seemed so, so related to my personal life and Random and off the wall to life. (No, Clay, yours DO relate to your findings on the times ! I am not being insulting. I am actually fascinated. But there is to much to explain. And Everyone would think me whacked or VERY VAIN !!) So, I am, for the first time, telling Clay that your posts are for you and everyone here at 5-doves...but also for me personally (hehehe ) ?
Maybe we are all connected in a strange way from our true Father "Yahweh" to help each other through these end times ? And to help each other out with All the mystery's ?? in number's, etc. ? So all this blabbing to say :

Chris, No, I don't think anyone else did the conversions ? (We seem to all be doing different part's of this puzzle in the end times. Taking different roles?) So You saw Clay's word "Killayown" as Kiloton...I looked it up- WOW. Very close. No, it exactly says" Atom Bomb". But I saw and wrote, that I saw in that word (eye trick) was "kill your own".   Then I looked up the day it happened. And (everyone knows this) but it said the Atom bomb was drooped by a plane called "ENOLA GAY"....OK ? So I looked that up (Enola) It says It is" ALONE "written backwards. And Gay wasn't what it means now days, back in the 40s.

So then, Chris, I was curious what the # you found in Heb. was- 3733 : " A full grown RAM, A meadow for sheep, Captain"
Then, like you wrote, the # in Greek 3733 is : "A bird as rising in the air. Specially a Hen. Or Female Domestic Fowl." (heheheh)

I am laughing because "Female", I think of, well..."Females= Bride. Domestic= Mother's. Bird= Dove. Hen ....Always the verse that Jesus spoke when entering Jerusalem.   "Matt. 23 :37 " O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often have I longed to gather your children together, as a HEN gathers her chicks under her WINGS, but you were not willing."

And Ram. I think of "Aries" star sign. (Jesus.. The full grown Ram. Horns.) Is, March -April The months of Passover every year. "Lamb/Ram".

So Ram, (in Mythology : Mars- god of WAR ) and Hen a mother bird... OK someone help me out here ????

Tina Abrams