Texas Sue (17 Jan 2011)
"RE:Candice Ehmen (15 Jan 2011)"

RE:Candice Ehmen (15 Jan 2011)
"the SKY SHIFTED -==>  your Zodiac Signed has changed!!! INSTEAD of 12 NOW 13!!"

If I misread or misunderstood what you submitted then I apologize; however, if you were indeed pointing to Astrology then read this warning.  Astrology is occult and forbidden by God.
" Most Christians are unaware that in God's written Word, the Bible, we are forbidden to 'dabble' with Astrology and other forms of the occult.  Astrology is a 'mild' form of the occult and a gateway into heaver occultic practices (as we shall see later in this study).  Many people who start out with reading their horoscope in the daily newspaper eventually progress into having their fortunes told, their Palms 'read', Tea Leaf readings, even on to attempts to contact the dead (most often their own deceased relatives) through the use of 'Mediums'. "