Suzi (8 Jan 2011)
"Dead fish and stuff"

Seems that everything I read and every video I see, has some 'expert' telling us that this is normal...the latest even said, 'the sky is not falling' if concern over all this is silly.

They claim the fish are dying from the cold, that they didn't migrate to warmer climates/areas as they should have. Now, why isn't anyone (in these stories or on video) asking "WHY?"? Could it be what experts talked about after the BP disaster? The change in the gulf stream? Or maybe the shifting of the magnetic poles? That would affect both birds and fish...birds get disoriented and are affected enough to 'crash', while fish are confused about which direction to swim toward?

No matter what this is, some man made disaster (HAARP, Cern, poison, chemtrails, BP 'accident'), or something much more sinister (bio/EMP warfare), or natural (Solar activity along with the solstice and eclipse or seismic or tectonic movement)...something big is happening. Pretending it's not is just an insult to the intelligence of the viewers of these shows (got that CNN?)