Suzi (8 Jan 2011)
"Odd bird and bat incidents"

Yesterday afternoon, I was out in my back yard, feeding my doves. Suddenly, to my left I head/felt/saw a very fast buzzing streak flying about shoulder to elbow height whiz past me so fast I yelped! I looked back to see what had flown by, but it was gone. It made a very fast/loud buzzing, and looked to be the size of a midsized bird, although when I looked in the direction it had come from, I saw and heard two humming birds around a tree not far off. The sound was very similar, and I guess it could have been a humming bird, although it looked much bigger. I know our cats get 'dive bombed' by the blue jays in our yard, and I don't know if the bird was doing a warning 'flyby' or if I just happened to move into it's path when I stepped back from the dovecote.

When I was telling my husband after he got home from work, he said, "two bats hit my truck to night". What? He said, yeah, two bats ran right into the windshield of his work truck (he drives the big white truck from the morgue). He said in all his years driving, he'd never had that happen. We even lived in the country with big palm trees with bats in them, and never had that happen. Very odd.

I told the family, if we start seeing animals dropping dead, up to 'all animals that creep upon the earth and the cattle of the field', we need to start worrying, and start praying.