Suzi (8 Jan 2011)
"To Carol re: "V""

I was one of the many at Comic Con to see the pilot to "V" months before it aired. They had even more swipes at the current administration...especially when they called the healing centers on "V" "Universal Heathcare". My daughters and our conservative/Christian friends just sat wide eyed busting up laughing...since we knew the "Vs" were evil and they were saying and doing everything our government, the greenies and all the new age people say!

They tell us they are 'healing our planet', when really they are manipulating a way to lower the population (now, that phrase goes for the show and our current reality!!).

I saw a snippet of a tv show last night called "Ancient Aliens" and it talks about Aliens visiting earth and mating with us...they used Biblical references...I'd fallen asleep in front of the tv, so I didn't watch it all. But these 'scientist' are claiming it, and they think it's a 'good thing'. They were saying that people today, most likely carry DNA from those beings. How scary is that?

I know someday all will be answered for us....and for now we need to use discernment. For many it's just a waiting game, being ready to go when called. (sort of like the dad to be who has the car gassed up, knows where the overnight bag is, and is just ready for his wife to say, 'the baby is coming', and he springs into action). Others, are watching while they wait. (Like the woman, who see's the signs, feels the feelings, and knows when it's time)...we can't expect everyone to be watchers. My family are mostly 'waiters'. :)

Funny that I only had labor with my first child (2 weeks over due and had an appt scheduled to induce for that day)....but with each of the girls, I knew exactly WHEN they were coming. I had everything prepared, and was ready to go when the time came. I guess it all comes down to personality. :)

Keep watching "V" is a lesson about trusting GOD and not anyone or anything but Him. If they change that format in any way, I'll stop watching it, even tho' I'm a big fan of Morena who plays Anna with such deadly, sinister beauty! I've met her many times, I told her in November how much I loved her portrayal...she is an awesome actress. I love that "Love" is becoming the weapon that could be the "Vs" downfall! I also love that the younger Priest is standing up for Christ and telling people not to trust the 'wolves in sheep's clothing'. The show is also a good character study of the average "Sheeple" mentality!

Can't wait for more.