Suzi (8 Jan 2011)
"Thank You Carol"

My family pretty much knows I'm nuts! :P

What's funny with them is, I'll tell them some things that look to be coming, due to cosmic activity, Jewish feast days, timing from one event to another...and say, "if something happens on such and such a day, then we'll KNOW we are on track for the next thing". I guess they just shine me on, cuz later I'll say, "well, since something did happen then...the next dates to watch for would be around (doing eclispe!)...yeah, right around here".

Never fails, I'll be talking about stuff, and one of them will ask me a question that proves they were never listening to me at all. *ack*

My MIL just did that last night. I've been sending her stuff since 2008, yet she asked me 'but why would...'. *face palm*. It's really hard to go back and try to reexplain.

What's really funny (in the not 'ha ha' way) is when secular Conspiracy Theories jive with Biblical timelines. That really freaks 'em out. heh. I send them stuff about government cover ups and all manner of things....stuff about HAARP, CERN, and other things. Then, last night, my daughter asks, "so what's up with all these birds dying?". I just did the 'blink blink' stare at her....and asked, "do you read or watch anything I send you, ever?". *sigh*

My son was the one who told me about HAARP years ago. He also told me that the reason the government wanted us to go to digital was so they could have control over those broadcast waves. Yep, lot's of 'crazy mom' stuff comin' down the pike.

Thanks for your kind words. I told my kids, I'll quote one of my favorite 'YouTubers'..."Get Right or Get Left". :)