Suzi (8 Jan 2011)
"To KML"

You made my point for me exactly. We can't say if BHO is the AC or not, since we are still here, and that fact means that the AC has not taken full power (my belief is that Satan will take full control over whomever he's been 'grooming' for the position). Just because we will not see him in his full power, does not mean we won't be affect by things he does on his own BEFORE his true nature is revealed. The only thing holding him (the AC) back is the Holy Spirit, we are the Temple that is housing Him.

One other reason why I look at BHO is the fact that he DOES try to claim part of that 'Temple'....calling himself a Christian, laying claim to the Temple. But yet, he's seemingly trying to build onto it, and make it his own. Seems to me the things he's done (infant sacrifice, being the biggest), would be an 'abomination' that would cause 'desolation'. But, that's just my take.

If Satan does not use BHO as such, he's definitely in the running...he came out of nowhere, has some kind of power behind him, and is the puppet of very powerful entities...the majority are those of men...but where do they get their power? He's reaping the rewards of this evil power...he'd be the perfect vehicle.

Just my view.I felt the evil on him from the beginning, and it grows more every day. Does that mean he's the AC? Not necessarily...but it does mean he's in line to do Satan's work, seemingly very willingly.