Suzi (6 Jan 2011)
"Wolf in Sheep's clothing"

Oprah has never really hidden what she believes in. At least for me, I saw her for what she was. New Age all the way.

Glenn Beck is much more dangerous. When I first started listening to him it was because he was presenting valid information dealing with the Country, our History and how the Political Machine worked. At times, I worried that he seemed to be bring God into the equation 'too much'...I was worried that the net would shut him down. Then I heard he was Mormon. I was shocked...I'd always heard Mormon's use "Heavenly Father", yet Glenn said "God". I told my husband that he was either being very tricky or was soon gonna be excommunicated from the LDS church. Then, all of a sudden, he 'came out'. He stopped hiding what he really believed. The trouble was, by then, he has so many people 'hooked'. He said he was a Christian, he 'preached' so many positive things, good things about getting back to the basics that the founding fathers wanted. What could be wrong with that? The problem being that too many Christians had no idea what Glenn really believed, as a Mormon. It sounds like something out of a SciFi movie when you say it out loud. People who make fun of Tom Cruise for his 'religious' rantings, have no idea that Glenn, and the Osmonds, and some leading political personalities...huh. But the fact is, they believe what Satan presented to Adam and Eve in the Garden...'you too can be as God'. Yep, Glenn does believe that he will, if he follows all their tenants of faith, will someday BE A GOD. He will have his own planet (just like the God of our planet, who was once a man on another planet called Kolob). Wacky, huh? Scary? For sure.

It scares me how long it took me to discern the danger in Glenn. I'm very aware of pagan, occult and paranormal behaviors...but I was so busy listening to history, listening to him shine the light on the DC Elite, and I failed to heed the 'hinkey feeling' I had when he started talking 'religion'. I knew he had a deep 'fondness' for George Washington...well, that's not bad, right? But, least we forget, George was a FreeMason...and when Joseph Smith started the LDS church, he took most of the 'secret rites' that come later on in the religion directly from the secret rites in Freemasonry.

I know alot of people still think that Glenn does more 'good than harm'...but even in Wicca, the one rule they have is 'Do as thou wilt an harm none', if even witches say to avoid that which harms, how then can we not be as diligent. The ends does not justify the means..because, like it or not, we DO NOT want the 'end' that Glenn does. He wants to be a god. No ifs, and or butts. And we know who also wants that....and we know we cannot achieve that.

We've got a big fight going on all around us. A spiritual war is waging. Be alert, know your enemy. PRAY for discernment. Stay armed.