Suzi (5 Jan 2011)
"Cheesy SciFi movie w/ a real message"

Dear Doves~

I am not recommending this movie as a 'good movie'...but the really cheesy SciFi movie "Eyeborgs" is on Netflix, and my daughter started watching it with my hubby. She and her daddy are into movies I don't like to watch, for them, the cheesier the better! But this one, my very conservative Christian 22 yr old told me I should watch.

The movie is rated "R" for violence, language (only a couple of 'f-bombs'), and some sexual content. If you can get an edited version, it would be worth seeing. (it was actually not that bad).

Here is the info from IMDB:

I was surprised by how up-to-date the subject matter is. For example, one of the characters hands over a huge stack of papers bound together, it's the Bill that was used to pass the law allowing the 'eyeborgs' to 'protect' us...I knew what the line was going to be before it was delivered.

"You've read this?"
"More than the ones who passed it!"

*sorry if my quotes are off, but you get my drift*

It's all about us losing our freedoms, the government lying about it, the false flags that we KNOW have happened in the past and will happen in the future. I think if this story had been done by a big name director/studio, it would be a least with those on the Right!

One of the 'funny' (in the not really laughing way) parts of the movie, was also where some of the 'sexual' content was. The only place the cameras were not allowed (making it the perfect place to talk about the government w/o fear of 'them' hearing), was at an 'Exotic Car Wash'! So, the guys sit in the car, while girls in t-shirts wash their windows...sorta silly, but actually, when you think of it....we have 'freedom', we have 'the right to privacy', but, like in this movie, it's selective. Abortion is a good example of that. The Left allows a woman to kill her unborn child under the guise of 'right to privacy'. The movie is cheap, but it presents some really important issues. I'm going to look into who wrote it, and see if they just thought it was good Scifi, or if they had some underlying message.

Just wanted to mention it here. If they'd cut out a bit of the (as my film/theater student daughter said) fake looking blood, cut out the 2 or 3 'f-words', and not had one make out scene (which is mostly viewed through the infra-red 'eye' of the camera), it would have easily been rated PG-13. I guess they hoped it would be more popular with the added stuff. *insert eye roll here*.

At least someone in Hollywood sees the dangers, or at least is making fun of them.

But honestly, this cheesy movie, could easily be our future...some of it is already our present!