Suzi (4 Jan 2011)
"to Paul Wilson re: sex change boy"

Oh my. When I clicked that link, the first word in the title spoke volumes of this case. "Autistic boy....". So, maybe first 2 words. A child who is not mentally, emotionally, and as you read the article, in ALL ways NOT MATURE. It is not Satan fooling the BOY, it is Satan working on the adults around him.

First off, I will give my opinion/stance on 'gender confusion'. I believe it is a birth defect. We live in a fallen world. We KNOW that governments and outside agents, as well as spiritual forces have been manipulating our environment for eons. The plastics that we've been using for years has been proven to raise estrogen levels so much that women develop cancers of the reproductive organs, and males become effeminated. Studies have shown that many people who believe they were born in the 'wrong body' actually do have the opposite gender's 'brain'. This is just another attack of Satan, hoping to control and reduce the population. This is my opinion, based on things I have read, seen and experienced.

In this story, it is insane that they allowed this child to make this choice. He was not mentally stable, he is just a child, and the autistic part? Good grief!!

I think the real tragedy in these cases, is that society tells us it's okay to be different. I have much more respect for those who feel they are 'in the wrong body', than for those who believe the lie that it is 'normal' for a man to want to 'lay with a man' and vice versa. At least those who are mature, and of sound mind, are trying to correct a mistake (I liken it to correcting a cleft palate or club feet, or even getting glasses or a hearing aid).

We are systematically poisoned in our food, water, medications, vaccinations and via see this kind of thing is pretty much expected. BUT, to see a judge and 'doctors' allowing it for a child with these problems is outrageous. Besides, if they honestly believe that he is making the right choice, why have him 'freeze sperm'? They are saying right there that he will regret it down the road.

I have thought and said for years that if parents see attributes of 'opposite gender' tendencies in their children, they need to insist on genetic testing, hormone levels examined, and other things to help correct the problems. How many young people today are horribly unhappy because the media, their schools, friends, teachers and elected officials tell them it's okay to be gay...yet they never find happiness? Yes, they were 'dealt a bad hand', but so has the child born with Spina bifida or some other birth defect. I think, if they are shown, from early childhood, that yes, they may have been born that way, but with medical help, they may be able to correct or at least deal with the problem.

I hear so many gay people saying it's unfair that they will never be able to 'love the person they want', as if they are guaranteed that...well, what about the person, by birth or accident who is paralyzed and will never be able to perform sexually? This world is corrupt. Bad things happen to good people all the time!

When society and the medical world start treating such things as the 'illnesses' or at least symptoms of illness that they are, I think we will see happier people. One of Satan's biggest games is to tell people, "God made you that way, then tells you it is wrong and you can never love the one you want". I see messages on my kids' friends Facebook pages all the time. Satan uses the natural sexual urges that God gave us against these impressionable young people. It breaks my heart. He knows it will keep them from turning to God, because he convinces them that God did it as some big cosmic joke.

I saw a special on children, very young ones...who always behaved as the opposite gender than their outward body was. Some were lucky that the parents sought help right away and found that genetically, they WERE right...for some it was a problem with their sex organs/hormones (hermaphrodites), others, especially in the case of twins, seemed to have been destined to be the opposite sex, yet developed physically 'wrong' (brain scans showing the traits of the opposite gender). In the 'old days', if it had a penis, it was a one thought to note that the under-developed testicles and the hidden ovaries made the child 'female'. These are things that should not happen today. Yet with the twisted notion of what is 'right' or 'acceptable', and how so many in positions of power are afraid of speaking the truth for fear of 'hate speech' being directed at them...they let it go. Sad. As Satan so delights in, the children will suffer.

These young ones need prayer, since only the Peace of the Lord can help them cope with what they are dealing with.