Suzi (29 Jan 2011)
"To Mariel re: the last straw"


I was not 'into' politics until BHO came into the game. I was immediately awakened with a discernment that haunted me. I lost online friends over denouncing this man (I could give no reason at first, so i was labeled 'racist'). Of course, the more I learned about his pro-death, anti-American, socialist leanings, the more clear/valid my feelings became. Another friend of mine felt the same way. We did what we could to warn people of his 'evil'. We knew/saw that he would be doing the enemy's work.

A few weeks before the election, my friend, who is very devout, told me she was 'resigned' to the fact that he was going to win. Not only that he was going to, but that he was 'supposed to'. Now, why would that be? Most likely the same reason that Pharaoh did the things he was all a matter of 'history' playing out. We know that we've 'read the end of the book'. We KNOW how it's all going to go. We can see the things happening just before, during and after they occur. So, it is not a surprise that BHO will do or not do something that WILL set things up for the next stage of this play we are in. We know there will come a time when all of the world will 'turn' against Israel...we just have to wait for the 'how'. This very well could be it.

Another letter today talked about 'nation against nation'...and yes, the riots in Egypt and those we've seen in other countries, where the people were fighting their OWN government/nation fits perfectly in that scenario. We see 'wars and rumors of wars' happening all the time, but the difference with 'nation against nation' does sound more like 'civil unrest' or even 'civil war'.

Yes folks, we cannot change what is written, nor would we want to...we just have to be ready for when it all plays out and know that we are doing all we can to be ready!