Suzi (29 Jan 2011)

I had just tried to cover/explain my thoughts on this in my last letter to Amy V.!!

Yep, I agree...I had always 'assumed' that if war, death, pestilence, etc, had 'control' over 1/4 of the earth that 1/4 of people/animals and the land itself would be killed/destroyed. I see now how that is not exactly what is said. That makes so much sense. So, yes, read a headline, think of the children killed each day by sure does feel like the horsemen are indeed on the ride!!

I also feel that between the 5th & 6th Seals it's the major event, the turning point that affects those of us waiting and watching. YES, I do believe we are at that point. Now it's just a matter of 'tally marks' till the number is full...and yes, there may be a delay in the Groom coming, but the days will be shortened for the elect's sake.

Basically, I take that as 'by the numbers' (doing all that 'over my head' math from Israel becoming a nation, what a generation equals, minus 7 years, etc), we are at the point! But with the 'delay' and then the 'okay go!', we will not readily be able to pinpoint exactly when, but we can see by the signs of the times that we are DUE.


See, I do learn from my mistakes/errors/misunderstandings! lol...(old dog/new tricks ya know?).