Suzi (27 Jan 2011)
"To Ed"

I think the phrase we are looking for to accurately describe people is 'blissfully ignorant'. They are doing the equivalent of a kid putting their fingers in their ears and going 'blah blah blah', because they don't WANT to hear/know the truth.

Sort of reminds me of the movie "Men In Black"...the older agent tells the younger that the people just couldn't handle the truth. Even though, once the younger man learns it, he can look around and see it was right there all along, very obvious to see.

I guess it's part of 'through a glass darkly'. We've even got a bit of the 'blinders' as to the full reality of things...but someday, maybe when we are in the protective arms our Father, we'll be able to see 'face to face', and get the full picture.