Suzi (25 Jan 2011)
"Re: Rehab & Quija boards"

How right you are to be alarmed Carol! There is no reason whatsoever for a Quija board to be used. Not with all the easy to get technology at hand! If she can 'push' a planchette, then why not just have her type or touch a keypad or screen? My daughter just found a site that makes 'eye moveable' computer systems that allow drawing by just using the movement of a person's eye! Even though I believe that 'tagging' is wrong (the 'artists' who do so are usually gang related), but this group has made very simple devices that one 'former tagger' artist can 'draw' on the computer just by using eye movements. If they really wanted to have her 'use her brain', something like that would do her much more good. And, as I said, if she can push the planchette around a 'spirit board' then she could just as easily use a simple touch screen.

I too noticed the lack of praise to God. They've thanked people for prayer, thanked the young intern for his quick actions that most likely saved her life...but on the deepest level, they've not given Thanks to God. I saw a tv interview with the husband...seems they are an 'unevenly yoked' couple, being "Christian and Jew"...he said it's never been a problem for them. To me, that can only mean that neither of them takes their faith very seriously. Of course, that is most likely just me being presumptuous. *shrugs*

Leaving God out is one thing though....bringing tools of Satan IN is another...a much more dangerous one!