Suzi (25 Jan 2011)
"To Kent Crumpler RE: Dead Birds, Fish, Beasts..."

When you think of how many creatures have died in such a short amount of time and in such huge numbers, and except for the initial shock and horror right after the New Year, it's not even getting headlines anymore.

No 'expert' can give a 'good reason' for it all. They throw out 'theories' 'assumptions' and 'speculations'...but it is all a big mystery. Yet, again, it's not raising the hue and cry that it should be.

I've always wondered, how in the world there would/could be people 'left behind' who would NOT see the truth...who would just blindly 'take' what the 'media' and 'the experts' said at face value. we see how easy it can be done. Horrifying to say the least. Are 'we' that numb to disasters that we just skim over such major events? I guess so.

So many will be duped, so many have hardened their hearts, it will be so easy to fool the masses. It will make it even harder for those who 'get it' to survive after it all goes down...they will be the 'resistance', they will be the 'rebels'...those who don't listen, and 'fall for' the lies they will be fed.

I think we know are awake and watching SEE that these 'small things' that scientists actually try to convince us is 'natural', are really something 'big' and connected to the 'big picture'. And yes, we are considered 'fringe' believers in 'conspiracy theories'. huh. Well, pass me my tin foil hat, cuz I will gladly park myself in the camp who does not swallow the lies, hook, line and sinker. Better safe than sorry.

I fully expect more and more 'animal' deaths, moving up the 'food chain', with, yes, people in the mix. Maybe that's exactly how it's supposed to work out, that's how Satan gets the foothold, the ability to confuse the masses. They have been conditioned to believe that due to global warming/climate change/whatever, things are dying. When people vanish, it will be taken with just the same amount of shock and awe as when the first birds fell out of the sky on New Year's Eve. What a way to mark a year! *when we were kids, we'd always say, 'whatever you were doing on New Year's Eve would be how you spent the coming year*. huh.

It's very scary when the 'strange' and 'unusual' becomes 'normal'.