Suzi (25 Jan 2011)
"Continued Musings on 'chips' and such"

Hi All,

I got to thinking, I know, scary stuff there....but there was something niggling at the edge of my mind. It was mostly how I felt when the techno stuff started moving so fast and I honestly did not think we'd be here long enough for me to see my kids grow up. I've mentioned before that I wonder if I'll see all three kids married, with kids of their own.

Even though there are parts of the 'Obamacare' Bill that went into effect immediately (for instance, we could have put our two oldest kids back on our insurance last May, but did not realize it)...most the 'big' things don't 'kick in' till 2014. Since so many States are fighting this bill, actually suing to block it on a Constitutional basis, I don't see it being implemented until and unless all law suits are lost.

I believe that when the SYSTEM of 'taking the mark' becomes an issue WE will be gone. As I said in my earlier 'musing',  my fear was, as a new Christian and seeing all the new 'tech' stuff, I could see the way the AC would/could use it. As I said, if this housewife from small town USA could think of how a connected system, that linked everything about us could easily be integrated (and you notice now that Obama already got his claws in the BANKS, AUTO and is pushing for HEALTH...), then it would not be long before all commerce would be at the mercy and under the control of ONE SYSTEM. Whomever is in charge of that entity, will be the perfect receptacle for the AC. That is another reason why I always thought, either BHO does not run for 2012 and goes for a seat somehow tied to the UN or to a 'new' special seat somewhere within the shadows of 'world government'. Or, if he does become prez again, something very major will have to happen to put the US back 'in control' as a world power. He's done all he could to destroy that, so major destruction of the whole world (as in 'sudden destruction') would have to go down before he'd be considered 'leader'. I think, after we are Raptured, the effect of the 'Dead in Christ' rising, and our changing in the twinkling of an eye will have a profound effect on the physical world...on a molecular level...and it will be the cause of massive earthquakes, which will trigger tsunamis, land mass shift, even a full 'polar shift'...and the world will be in chaos. THAT'S when the need for a 'ONE WORLD' government/leader would be necessary. It would be, by design, imperative for everything to be tied together for the welfare, health and protection of what people are left behind. THOSE will be the ones left to face that all important issue...'take the mark or else' way to get food, water, healthcare, will be outside the system, unable to function. Everything will be under the control of the AC. That's just my idea, my thoughts and my feelings. How much is rooted in actual Biblical talking points would have to be looked into by a scholar. I am just going by what I gleaned, and felt since first becoming a Christian some 27+ years ago. *think how far technology has come since then*.

I can just see that THIS would be the reason, or at least the means for a groundwork to be laid to have a system already in the works...just waiting for the right time for the snare to snap. Remember, Satan knows that time is short too! Things are snowballing at break-neck speed. Bill Gates is another person to keep an eye on, IMO, he's very much responsible for the technology in use today...and he's all for 'one world' and lowing the population for the 'betterment of the planet and society'.

So, I think, as my husband assured me when I was a new/baby Christian, it will be a conscious thing...those who face it will be told point blank...if you do not ACCEPT this 'gift' (and you know the AC is going to try to 'play God' and be a 'savior' to the masses) that the AC is giving 'freely' to 'his people', then you will 'only be hurting yourself and your family'...I honestly think it will take awhile before 'all heck' breaks loose and those who defy this regime will start being rounded up "for the safety of society", because such defiance will not be for the best interests of the whole. As I said, just my thoughts on things. Scholars? Thoughts? Thanks.