Suzi (24 Jan 2011)
"Some musings from a Conspiratorial Mind...mine!"

In case some of you hadn't noticed, I'm the Conspiracy Theory nut in my family. Maybe it was all those years watching old Sci-fi movies, Star Trek, and reading the same type stuff. Might have been in part to the years in the paranormal, occult and wicca...who knows? All I know is with my over active imagination, and the things I see happening around me every day, I've come to realize it isn't really a 'theory' when it's REAL!

I read an article the other day about "10 Conspiracy Theories that were REAL", then another one with 33!! All things that people were called 'crazy' for believing. Even the 'tin foil hat' stuff is proven to be fact there are companies that are making special wallets, netbook cases, and other things to protect your credit cards, computer, passport and other IDs from being 'electronically pickpocketed'. Who's crazy now, huh? :)

Well, now we come to the 'implantable chip'. I'd just become a Christian when everyone started using the 'codes' on every item you could buy. My mind screamed out, "Mark of the Beast!!"...I even fearfully asked my husband, 'how will be able to avoid it, if it's something like THIS!" (pointing to the strange lines and numbers on the label of a box of cereal). He assured me that we would most likely be gone before that 'take the mark' part came along. Of course, I fully believe that things like those codes, and now with all the electronic connections we have it will all be set in place for when a simple 'plug into the system' becomes mandatory.

Now, back to the 'chip'. I do see it coming...and yes, I too saw/read that it was woven into the 'Health Care bill'. Anyone in the US has most likely seen the very subtle commercials that anyone with any common sense/compassion would have no argument with (that's probably why I get a hinkey feeling over them) know the ones: Kaiser Permanente talking about how ONE file on a patient, can go from their doc, to the hospital, to any emergency room, at lightening speed when a person is 'in their system'. Just think, you may be knocked out after an accident, and voila! The EMTs can just scan your card and KNOW who you are, what you are allergic to, who your doc is and what your coverage is! But wait, what if that unforeseen accident happens when you don't have your card with you? What if you were whacked over the head as a crook grabbed your purse or wallet and ran off with it? How then would you be 'protected'? *gasp* Something better MUST be done. Will we all have to wear those medical ID bracelets or necklaces? But, but...what if we lose it? Hmmmm?

I remember watching one of the many Star Trek incarnations on TV. The doctor held a little medical device and scanned the patient, there were letters and numbers on, here comes the geek in me. The prop people on Star Trek have always had a good sense of humor. On the original, there was a pipe of some sort that had the letters "GNDN" on it...that stood for 'goes nowhere does nothing'. In one episode the technician was supposed to be inside a tube of sorts working on something mechanical, he referred to it as the "Jefferies Tube", why? Well the prop maker was named "Jeffery"! Love it. Well, the little computer device the doc used to scan the patient sent out some readings, heart rate, temp, oxygen levels most the things one would fan noticed that one reading was "MIR"...during one of the many 'Cons' (Star Trek was the first to have fan events/conventions), the creators/actors were asked what that stood for. The answer? "MIR" = "Medical Insurance Remaining".

Well, I think we are just about at 'the future'. I still don't have my flying car, and my 22 yr. old daughter is royally put out that she doesn't have a 'hoverboard' (Back to the Future reference)...but we are getting to a place where ALL the puzzle pieces are starting to fit together.

Oh, has anyone noticed the rise in commercials about cars (hey wait, didn't the Gov't take over the AUTO INDUSTRY?) they can 'think' for you...notice if you are drifting into another car's space...if someone suddenly stops short in front of you...if you are in a crash, 'On Star' (even the name freaks me out), will come on and say, "I've noticed you are in an accident, are you all right?", calling you by name and knowing, via GPS exactly where you are! That is going to save a lot of lives...especially since I'm sure it will also be plugged into the medical data bank! Oh, and let's not forget the comical commercials where the guy loans the gal his car for a trip, she asks if he filled it up w/ gas (he checks his phone), 'yep', she asks about tires, this that the other...yep, as he looks at his phone app...then she's digging for the car keys, so, remotely, from somewhere far away, he unlocks the car for her and asks if she wants him to turn it on too. *oh what a knee slapper and how cool is that?* Another version is the guys looking at the car, one says to the other, 'ask her'. He calls a gal who's just getting settled in a seat on a plane, he asks if she's left yet, no? He says, "can you do it again?", she smiles and says, 'one more time'...and from her remote location, she starts the car. All this is just awesome, right? Now, I wonder...if everyone is driving these 'smart cars' and I'm expecting some new law to come in to take as many old cars off the road as the 'smog inspections' did years ago, then everyone is 'protected' (don't you love how our gov't looks out for us?)....well, if a person can 'start' a car remotely with a touch of (not even button anymore) screen...can't someone, somewhere...STOP a car the same way? I mean, they DO already have that capability...that same 'On Star' system? Yep, if your car is stolen, and law enforcement finds it (thanks to the GPS info it's linked to), and it's within a safe place to do so, On Star can SHUT OFF THE ENGINE! Oh yeah.

See, I told you I'm a conspiracy theorist. But guess what? If a 53 yr old housewife from the middle of No & Where USA can come up with all sorts of 'evil doings and goings on' with this kind of technology, don't tell me there isn't some gov't 'think tank' doing the same thing somewhere!! And yes, they also have PR teams making those cute little commercials about the cars, and those thoughtful life saving ones that make you just HAVE to have that car, cuz, well, if you don't, you obviously don't love your family!! And why oh why would you NOT want to have Ins. that can protect you and your loved ones under any situation? And when they make those wonderful, handy dandy, go where you go 'chips'? People will be begging for them!!

I do pray we are gone by then. I fear that we might be here for the first couple of years of it though...we are told we will go through 'tribulations'...but thankfully, when the "Great Tribulation" comes, and the Wrath of God is poured out, we will be outta here. It's just amazing to see how all the foundational brickwork is being placed one by one and the population is gladly adding the mortar and grout to make it all work.

Every time something new comes into play, I do the 'see, I wasn't crazy after all'...but boy, I honestly wish I were.