Suzi (22 Jan 2011)
"To Kevin Heckle Re: Mr. Beck: In Brotherhood..."

AMEN and Amen again. Thank you for pointing out an obvious declaration. Every time I am asked, 'can you give an example of him staying such and such', I am at a loss, since I don't record his shows, and have trouble searching for points that struck a sour note in my spirit. Thank you for being a wide awake Watchman and helping us out. I am sorely fearful of how many Christians will be fooled by this man and his 'doom and gloom'. Keep in mind that LDS believe that everyone will go through the most horrific of Tribulations before anything good happens to them. That is why they keep stocked up on food and such. In fact, it is mostly through 'Mormon' sources that the 'survivalist/prepper' supplies are available now.

We will go through 'tribulations', but we will be outta here before the 'Great Tribulation'....but not so with those who do not know and accept our Lord Jesus Christ, the One True God. NOT the 'god' of Glenn Beck and his fellow Mormons. Satan is not my brother, in any way, shape or form. That alone should speak volumes to Christians.

Thank you so much for speaking up. I've stopped watching GB, so I would not have known about this admission of his. I also like that you pointed out something that I'd thought of...about Goldline. What good is saving up 'riches' here on earth? Our Treasure is in Heaven...and if we did go through bad times, you cannot eat gold! :)