Suzi (21 Jan 2011)
"To Fay re: Our gov't and the 'be ready' stuff"

I posted the same note 'does this seem sinister' to a conservative message board I visit, and only a couple of people replied with a 'creepy' feeling. One is a believer, the other not. It was no surprise that the ones who live in areas of the country that get yearly (seasonal) bad weather (hurricanes, flooding, blizzards, etc), didn't see anything wrong with the ad. In fact, one person was surprised that I did not have an 'earthquake kit', living in CA. The thing is, we've ALWAYS had 'natural disasters' why now 'be ready'? I ordered from the 'Ready Nation' supply company last year, and got the MREs within two they send me an email saying my order from Dec. 17th, should go out NEXT WEEK, due to an increase in the 'emergency preparedness business'. I honestly think our government is buying up all the 'prepper', 'survivalist' supplies from these private companies so that WHEN whatever it is 'hits', we, the average person will not have access to the stuff, but will be dependent on the government. It just reeks of 'mark of the beast' to me. We won't be able to buy or sell, get food or water, unless we go to 'them'. *shudder*. I was going to save the MREs and let the kids use them to take hiking (as they did last summer), but now when/if they ever arrive, I'm going to save them, only letting the kids have them as they get close to expiration date (if we are even here that long).
It feels so much like that movie 2012, where the world's governments KNEW what was coming, made preparations for themselves and the wealthy, and just decided to let the average person DIE!!
Since Bill Gates and all those uber rich types have said that we need to decrease the population, it sure does ring true.
The same people who make fun of 'survivalist/prepper' types are the ones buying up the supplies themselves. Why?
I have a dehydrator I've never used...time to get it out and start making some things I've found online to have on hand. Also think I'm going to buy some of the larger water containers, and fill them up with filtered tap water...just to have along with the bottled water we drink. I've always wanted a rain gutter along the front of my house (we get more drenched stepping onto the porch from the large drips) I think I'll get a nice decorative barrel to 'save' the water there too.
I think 'they' want to keep us afraid, and at 'their' mercy. They want us to turn to THEM. Sounds like someone/thing thinking of themselves as God. Gives them power over the masses.

Very scary stuff.