Suzi (21 Jan 2011)
"To Rene re: "bums" today"

I agree with 100%!

There was a story about a homeless man who turned his life around with the help of people giving him a chance and leading him to the Lord. That is wonderful, I commend them. In the article, it asked 'how do you treat the homeless?'. The answers were all positive, like, giving them money, clothes, food, praying with them, giving them info/direction spiritually, etc. I felt like the only 'Grinch' in the bunch, but I wrote, 'In the small farming community I live in, there are very few 'homeless people'. The few that are, are mentally ill and since we do not have laws that protect these people from harming themselves, they are 'free' to be wandering the streets at their on accord. They are not safe to approach, especially for a woman. The 'regulars' are not 'homeless'...they are con artists. Maybe it's because I'm the wife of a cop, but I know they are fakes, and still people give them money. I think that is irresponsible, since they are known (by most law enforcement) as drug addicts.'

When I read that story about the 'bum' on the campus of a private college, I too thought it would be best for someone in authority to approach them and find out who they were and if they needed help give it, otherwise, they should not be there. How would things have been if this were indeed a dangerous person and someone had been harmed by them? How then would the school have fared?

When my son was in full time ministry, they did not send the girls in to dangerous situations alone...they did not approach a 'bum' without 'back up'. I read that story with a bit of 'momma claws' as I felt it was condemning, in a round about way the ones who did not 'minister' to this man, and it made it sound like the official people approaching him were 'UnChristian' to question him. There is a proper way to do things...I'm not sure I like that deceptive way of 'teaching'. But that's just me. Teaching the 'truth' should not start with a lie.