Suzi (19 Jan 2011)
"To Fay re: commercial"

It is real. That's why I said, when I first saw it on TV I felt it was sinister and threatening. We've had 'warnings' about thing since I was a kid. We had the 'duck and cover' drills at school, just as often as we had 'fire drills'.

Growing up in California, especially after a big Earthquake, we'd have more info given out via schools, and other places about having a plan 'just in case'. Since some parts of the Country have devastating storms every year, we've always had info available to 'be ready'. But nothing so 'in your face' as this!! It doesn't even talk about 'storms', 'earthquakes', or other natural disasters...Some could say that is so it can air all over the nation and address the individual dangers without naming them. A person in 'earthquake country' would know, someone who gets hurricanes or floods, even the wild fires that so much of the State gets.

But this is the first time that I've seen them so scary about 'being ready'. Even after 9/11 we didn't see stuff like this. I don't like the images of things like gravity being thrown off!! What really ticks me off is, the government and the liberals in charge of Homeland Security and such are just the ones who make fun of the 'preppers' and 'survivalists'. They call them 'scare mongers' and denounce them as 'conspiracy theorists'...yet they run these commercials and link to REAL government websites with check lists and info on how to survive 'anything' and be ready for 'anything.

I honestly think they 'know something'...or are planning something.

The thing about the FEMA camps is real too. Right now, Obama has 10 people appointed to 10 districts that have control 'in case of emergency' or 'national need', where he can simply 'activate' their control, they would be over law enforcement, medical, even over the Governors of the States within the areas!!

So, yeah, it's scary. Mostly because they do it so obvious that people don't really see it. I think those in areas that have things like extra plywood to cover windows for hurricanes, those who know that they'll need a generator sometime during the winter and other places that deal with weather related problems, might just see it as common sense. Whenever we've had a large Earthquake her in CA, they will do reminders to 'be ready', telling people how to turn off the gas (which I've never bothered to learn), to have extra water and food on hand (which I've sort of done over the years), and other things. But here's what's gotten me a tad worried, gives me a 'hinkey' feeling (that's a cop phrase, sort of like mother's intuition, but on a 'danger' level)...I tried to reorder some MREs and a weather radio that works as a solar or crank device that can charge phones and things. My husband and kids went camping and the hardest part of the hike was the backpacks full of food they carried. I'd gotten some of the MREs, "just in case", and the next time the kids camped, I let them take some. They loved them and they were light weight. Anyway, I reordered on Dec. 17th. When they didn't come by Christmas, and then a letter came telling me that they were back ordered on stock, so there would be a delay....THEN, I read an article that said that another 'prepper' site was sold out of everything! But get this, according to the article, it was the GOVERNMENT that was buying up the MRE (meals ready to eat) and other freeze dried food stuffs! I've written to the company twice, asking for a tracking number on the shipment, and haven't gotten a reply! I'm going to look for a phone number and give them a call today. It's just all getting a big spooky. It's as if the government knows something, is planning something, or wants to be in control of all the food outlets so we have to rely on THEM (no one can 'buy or sell'?)...hmmmmm.

If anyone else has any info or feelings about these ads, please chime in.