Suzi (19 Jan 2011)
"to Rowina re: online/family names"

My son too had me take a 'screen name' years ago when we got our computer. I chose "Saxon" but w/ my b-day attached because of our 'family tree' that goes back to 1066 and the Doomsday Book.  There is still a town in England with the ruins of the castle that William the Conqueror took from Gambel Bar De Spofforth and gave to the Percy's.
We are all related, but sometimes it's closer than we know! :)


ps: here is a poem/song from my history:
"Lord Percy made a solemn feast
                   In Spofford's princely hall,
                 And there came lords and there came knights,
                   His chiefs and barons all.

                "With wassail, mirth, and revelry,
                   The castle rung around:
                 Lord Percy called for song and harp,
                   And pipes of martial sound.

                "The minstrels of that noble house,
                   All clad in robes of blue,
                 With silver crescents on their arms,
                   Attend in order due.

                "The great achievements of that race
                   They sung, their high command,
                 How valiant Manfred o'er the seas
                   First led his northern band.

                "Brave Galfrid next, of Normandy,
                   With vent'rous Rollo came,
                 And from his Norman castle won,
                   Assumed the Percy name.
                "They sung how in the Conqueror's fleet
                   Lord William shipped his powers;
                 And gained a fair young Saxon bride,
                   With all her lands and towers."