Suzi (18 Jan 2011)
"To Carolyn Re: "V" "Anna""

I know for a fact that some are more sensitive to the spiritual realm than others, my son is one of those.

I do not doubt you are feeling the 'evil' that the TV show "V" is portraying...because I believe it is a warning.

But I will have to beg to differ on one point. I have met Morena, talked with her, looked over old photos from the last 8+ years of the times the my daughter, good friend and I have had with her and other actors from a show she did back in '02. She is just a VERY good actress! Really.

I too can 'feel' those things. I have had experiences where I know that demons can 'cling' to a person or space/place. I can tell you that there was NOTHING 'coming off' Morena when I talked to her in November. (when she was working on the episodes that are on tv now).

While I fully concede that actors can be influenced and affected by the roles they play (I am convinced that it was the role of the Joker that killed Heath Ledger, sending him into a state of depression that was amplified by drug use *Rx and who knows what else*). Morena did not exude anything 'evil'. It's not that she is a 'friend' in the sense one thinks in the 'real world', but it's just a matter of following her career, and being able to see her, visit with her and joke/talk with her for a few times each year for all this time. I can tell you that I have shied away from some actors when I got 'the vibe' off them.

Just had to say that. She's not much older than my son, and I'm very happy that she is finding success in a show that I hope will open the eyes to young people who may not have any idea what it coming! Not saying it will help unbelievers, but it might wake up some weary or unaware Christians.

As always, I understand that in some topics the best is to agree to disagree. Wishing you the best.