Suzi (17 Jan 2011)
"Just an FYI"

When I first met my husband, I'd just been initiated into a coven, and he'd been a Christian for years. He's the one who introduced me to the Lord in a way that opened my eyes and ears. As I was learning and turning more and more toward Him, I began to come under spiritual attack. But it was mostly via actions of others and feelings of fear and dread. I also had 'waking nightmares', which I assumed was also part of it. But then, when my son was a baby, and he had the same thing, I realized it might not be what we feared. We prayed over him, binding and casting out and away anything that might be tormenting him. He'd seemingly wake up, but be wild eyed and afraid. In the course of my studying about sleep disturbances and such, I learned about "Sleep paralysis" and "Night Terrors". They are very common. One thing that has been suggested that can cause them is earthquake activity (which was going on at the time I was experiencing these 'waking dreams').

I am not saying what you experienced was NOT demonic in nature, but just be aware that there is a phenomenon that is NOT spiritual in nature (we do not want to give Satan 'credit' for something natural, he loves that!).

Just like any dream, they can be triggered by or deal with things that are on our minds when we fall asleep. For me, I'd fall asleep knowing that my husband would be home in a few hours (this was when he worked the night shift), and then I'd dream that I'd awakened to hear him walk up the porch, I'd hear the keys jingle and the door open, and footsteps into the room...but when I'd go to turn over to greet him, I'd be 'stuck'...I'd feel paralyzed. Then, I'd feel a horrific sense of danger/fear...and I'd silently scream in my head to wake up. When I'd finally wake up, of course, no one was there, and it would not even be time for him to come home.

Since Carolyn got such a discernment over the TV show "V" (which I believe is very accurate to what is coming, and I see it more as a warning), and what Marilyn experienced right when she was intent on her Bible study, it's very possible that what you experienced was this form of sleep disturbance. Of course, no matter what the cause (normal brainwave activity during a disrupted sleep cycle or spiritual influence), it is always best to cry out to the Lord to help you. I've had these 'dreams' when I've taken a nap from a migraine and still feel the grip of fear (which is normal since part of our brain wakes up, but the motor skill part is still asleep), even when I know I'm in, what I've always called a 'waking dream'. I read years ago, that if you can get even a finger to move, you will 'snap out of it', since it's the motor functions that are still asleep, even though part of your brain is trying to wake up.

I just wanted to let you know about these, in case you'd never heard of it. It was a blessing to know that it was not something spiritual after my son, and we learned how to help him through it. My daughters are prone to them too, especially when their sleep cycle is interrupted or they are sick. We've all learned that if we hear that murmuring (which is SCREAMING in our heads), to gently wake each other up. *my daughter did this for me the other day, and it's such a relief to get out of what feels like a trap of fear and immobilization.

You can do a google search on 'night terrors' or 'sleep paralysis' to learn more. As I firmly believe, we do not want to give Satan or any demon any 'credit' for something that is a natural event.