Suzi (17 Jan 2011)
"Even the elect..."

When Warren hosted the debate between BHO & McCain during the election, he was asked to present pointed questions on Abortion to the candidates, worded so the world would know how Obama was so very pro-death. He wriggled out by being vague and we got the infamous 'above my pay grade' answer that should have sunk Hussein. My daughter was there at Saddleback, watching/listening from outside (I guess they had monitors set up outside). She was working with a Pro-life group then, and was sickened that Warren had not done what a REAL Christian leader should have done...nailed BHO to the wall with in your face, to the point questions. Instead, he did the least possible.

That's when other Christians started noting that he was not being 100% in his leadership according to all things Biblical. Now this? You can not compromise, you can not do the 'take out menu' when it comes to faith, "A little from column A, some from column B, leave column C out since you don't like it at all".

When will people get that? Just because 'some' of what a person does/says jibe with Christianity, does not mean it's okay. We have to walk the narrow path, we have to be 'intolerant' of some things, because our Lord told us to! We should not compromise.


All that runs through my mind when I read these stories, is that song that was always on the radio when I was younger, '*dun**dun**dun*...another one bites the dust! and another one gone, another one gone, another one bites the dust! Hey, I'm gonna get to you! Another one bites the dust". (I think it was a Queen song?)...but it sure does fit. But then, as a friend always tells me, 'rejoice! It's just another sign that we are getting closer to going home'. We KNOW that in the End Times we will see a moving and shaking take place and the false, lukewarm types will be exposed.