Suzi (17 Jan 2011)
"To Carol Garza Re: "V""


You have hit the nail on the head...once again, someone much more eloquent than I explains exactly what I was trying to say.

I wish that they would have aired the "V" pilot we saw the summer before it was on TV, it was even more a jab at our current government and social situations. They edited a lot of it out. I was shocked though, at how much they left in!

I am waiting to see how they deal with the Priest and his dealings with the "V" who tried to accept Christ, but was 'waylaid' by the evil Queen Anna. I have to throw in an aside, that I am a fan of the actress who portrays this character. She is younger than she looks and acts, and is the sweetest thing. She is a very good actress to play that cold blooded evil that she does. But, as my daughter said, she plays it perfectly. She (my daughter) also noted that there are people who believe that there IS a 'reptilian' race amongst us. She was telling me of a site she'd found early on in the election that people were saying that Obama was 'of that race'. He is cold, aloof, and seems to only show one emotion, anger.

I agree with you completely, if this show takes a turn and gives me reason not to watch it, I will most definitely turn it off. As of right now, it just seems to be too 'dead on' with all the things that are taking place in the world! It is all very 'shudder worthy'!

I had never heard of the idea of 'alien' DNA or 'demons' breeding with humans...every commentary that I'd read made it sound more like they were referring to 'Godly men' and those who practiced 'earth religion' begetting children. But then, when they mention 'giants', and the 'mighty men'...I can't help but remember the myths of 'heroes' being the offspring of 'the gods' and mortal women!

I like the idea that this TV show is going to get into the notion of these 'aliens' manipulating the reproduction of humans. Before I became a Christian, while I was learning, and had not yet had a true conversion experience....I had the idea that 'the serpent' was actually a 'reptilian humanoid'. I asked my husband (who was doing Bible study with me at that time), if it was feasible  that Satan had possibly 'manipulated' or basically 'done genetic experiments' to create a being that could communicate with Eve. As I've always said, 'Satan can not create, he can only USE what God has made and manipulate it for his own ends'. The idea that other people have thought this has always made me wonder....could it be true, or is it just another trick of the enemy to 'give him credit' for something he hasn't, can't or would like to do. I don't know for sure.

But the more I read, the more I study, and seek out other Christians who seem to wonder the same things, and then to see this TV show presenting these things, I can't help but think there might be something to it. How exactly it will play out is yet to be seen. But just keeping in mind that the lessons a regular TV show can give, 'Trust God, not the media, government, and the simple, 'if it seems too good to be true it probably is' idea', well, that's something I hope people will open their eyes to see. If the creators of this remade show are just saying, like they did with the original, that any government, or leadership that comes in to take complete control over every aspect of our lives, is one to avoid and be suspect of, then at least it might open some eyes to the very real facts that these things are happening all around us! (remember the original '80s version was a commentary on Nazi Germany). I liked the point that was made to the reporter that dealt with a 'false flag', (they did not 'cure him' but gave him the ailment and then fixed it)...and how Anna would harm her own child to garner favor. These are things that we are seeing in the world and in our own Country daily!

Obama USED that little girl's death in AZ to bump up his popularity!! Some have proposed the notion that that 'hit' was set up, that like too many 'mentally ill' assassins, someone was pulling the strings to the puppet. Especially since the Congresswoman seems to be pro-gun and was actually more Conservative than many Republican! It's a horrible thought, but unfortunately, it's not beyond the realm of possibility!

So, *after much rambling*...I will echo what you have said...if one feels overwhelmed spiritually by this or any tv show, don't watch it and Plead the Blood of Jesus...but if we want to know our 'enemy', remember that there are some in Hollywood who WANT to expose what is happening, and some who deliberately allow us to see some of their movements out of pride (and the fact that in some forms of 'magic' and 'spells', your target has to be aware of what you are doing, or at least see bits & pieces of it). We've all talked about symbols and such in many movies that point to the Illuminati.

Again, everyone should seek counsel in prayer over everything in their lives, including tuning into tv shows!