Suzi (15 Jan 2011)
"To Carolyn G re: TV show "V""

I'm sorry you experienced such an episode in your life.

I have been watching "V" since before it aired on tv (saw the pilot months earlier). I think that what this show is doing is EXPOSING the evil that it coming to visit the earth. The original pilot had even more Conservative overtones and 'jabs' at the left and especially the Obama administration, at least it did to me and my family.

If you are so sensitive to the things it is revealing, then by all means, don't watch it. But I think if more people (unsaved/asleep) people see it and realize we CANNOT trust these 'aliens', these people who profess to be 'good', yet hide an evil agenda, then mankind will be at their mercy.

The show exposes how the media is used to further political agendas. It shows how the Church has been and will be duped. It shows how people become 'sheeple' when they don't have a good foundation (in Christ) to lean on. It shows a 'war' going on in the unseen world that far too many people are blissfully aware of.

For me, the show is not 'evil', but what it describes, what it exposes is. The Evil of 'the Vs' is already here on earth, with us, among us, hiding in plain site...a day will come when it all busts out and people will have to be ready...for if they are not, then they too will be deceived.

Considering that HAARP has the ability to use 'images in the atmosphere', it will not surprise me if 'aliens' will play a part in the great deception.