Suzi (14 Jan 2011)
"To Ed"

I believe with you 100% that 'we the people' are being sold a bill of goods. We are being lied to, daily. We have 'leaders' who take credit for things they have no control over. They lie and say they know the answers to things they are clueless about. They lie about things they've done or allowed to be done and we just have to take them at their word. The media is helping with the lies, they throw it out there and let it lay and anyone who contradicts them is labeled a 'nutjob' or 'conspiracy theorist'.

Man is not smart enough to orchestrate such things, Satan has to be the force behind it all. We are there, in those days quoted...Lawlessness. Think about that word. When lies are taken as truth. When Good is called 'bad' and BAD good....we are at odds. Things are opposite. The same President who got up and 'preached' about the life of a little girl (who was born on 9-11-01), is the same man who promoted infanticide...he does not care about human life, or he'd fight tooth and nail to eradicate abortion...but instead, he promotes it. More children will die today than we lost on 9/11...where is the outrage? Where is their memorial?

I am so sorry for the loss of those victims in AZ...but to be honest, my husband is the coroner in our Co., and he deals with that many people killed in drunk driving accidents on some weekends....the outrage is only there because it is politically expedient to those in power! Sick, sad, but true.

We are in the Last Days. Evil is looked at as Good. Children die on the altar of convenience daily, our Nation as a whole has turned from God, and we are being told by the 'gurus' on the Left, the same thing as the gurus on the Right...and that is we can find 'the god within us'. When opposites agree, the world is turned on it's head. They can not both be 'right'.

The saddest thing is, we have to be able to discern who to listen to...and the truth is, we should only be listening to God! Men will always fail us...that is why we must use Him as our guide, Him as our measure, Him as our Light to see in this Darkness.