Suzi (14 Jan 2011)
"To Daniel re: Obama Dream"

I have never had (that I can remember) a dream about Obama. In fact, it was just seeing a photo of him from way before the election that I got the same exact feeling about him that your dream revealed. I've been using the word 'puppet' and 'his puppet masters' about him since '08. I also find it interesting that you mention his coloring...since I've always 'seen him' as having a greyish green cast to his lips...and I just assumed it was because I felt everything he spoke was tinged in 'falseness'.

I have sensed his 'evil' nature from before I learned of his voting record, or learned that he 'came out of nowhere' fact, I was accused of being 'racist' because I couldn't give a 'good reason' for feeling the way I did about him. I was not the only one family and some dear friends felt it too. I think the scariest thing was right before the election, after  he gave his 'infomercial', I felt 'resignation'...and my friend voiced the same thing...we'd felt a frantic need to 'warn people', but after that, we both felt it was 'meant to be'. I think he is a major player in the AC's rise. I have always said, if he is not the AntiChrist, he is definitely paving the way for him. I honestly believe that everything he says and does is a benefit to the enemy.

Another thing I noticed when watching parts of his address at the AZ memorial...he has visibly aged...much more than is normal for the time frame. I'm wondering if the 'puppet master' is nearly done with him? I know from personal experience, when Satan feels he's lost you, or you have served your purpose, he will toss you aside like a rag doll....or a puppet without strings. For me, I was under constant spiritual attack that manifested itself in real, physical events that were designed to torment me 'where I lived' (literally and metaphorically). I wonder if he is not already feeling the effects of this?

Thank you for posting your dream, it jibes exactly with what I've felt all along.