Suzi (14 Jan 2011)
"To Paul W. re: Glenn Beck"

As I've written before, but not sure they were posted, Glenn is very subtle in his 'works'. He's woven 'false history' as per the LDS church agenda (the Bat Creek Stone and the 'pyramid mounds', plus the fact that he says that the native Americans were a lost tribe of Israel). The fact that his church does not shut him down is proof that he is following their agenda.

The 'Divine Destiny' stuff is part and parcel of their belief that THEY will bring about their 'new Zion' here in the US.

It is not hard to find proof of his deception. It is just so subtle that it's not easy to weed it out. I admit, that when I realized exactly what he was doing, I stopped watching. I'd been an avid viewer, never missing an episode, (if I missed the afternoon one, I made sure I caught it when it replay late at night). But one day I noticed I was 'tuning him out'. That was the day he was talking about how history was being hidden from us...and did the 'lesson' on the pyramids and talked about the 'vast metropolis cities' that were here in America. It wasn't until a friend emailed me and asked me what I thought about him teaching full on "Mormon teachings"...I had to check out the links to the show that day and was shocked that, even though I had the tv on, I'd literally 'tuned out' what he was saying. Soon after he was doing the joining with 'other religious leaders' and he started using the phrase "I AM" in what I believe to be a sacrilegious way. When he says things that fall right in step with Mormon teachings he IS promoting his religion, and he's using deceptive means to do it. He believes he CAN be a 'god' through his 'good works'...his TV show (and radio) are his ministry. Telling us to look for the "I AM" inside us all? That is the same as Satan telling Adam and Eve that they too can be 'as God'.

If you do not see that, do not know exactly what Mormon's teach/believe, I guess it could pass by unnoticed. He's using a lot of Christian terminology, but he's most definitely pushing the Mormon agenda.

He's not out and out telling anyone to 'be Mormon', in fact, that would not scare me as much, it's the deception, the hidden agenda, the hiding in plain sight, the LIES. If he tells one lie about our history (which he has done), how can we trust anything he says? I don't have time to research everything he presents, do you? He has a full staff (most likely like minded) to prepare his daily shows. The best thing you can do is educate yourself on what LDS believes, the history, they feel they are key players in the role of the US and the 'last days'. Check their own website, plus those of 'former mormons'. It will open your eyes. Just google "Glenn Beck pushing mormonism" and you will come up with a laundry list of articles from Christian leaders, lay persons and others. It's not a personal vendetta, it's just observations and warnings.