Suzi (13 Jan 2011)
"Ernie Re: LDS church via GB"


I do not want to argue over Glenn Beck and his Mormonism, or his 'good deeds' and how they outweigh anything he 'believes in'. But you have to understand, the fact that he is a 'Mormon in good standing' (proven by the fact that the LDS church has NOT shut him up/down), means that he is actively working for THEIR agenda. Their agenda is not GOD'S. Just because he seems to be doing 'good things' in his informing us of the problems in the government or in our nation or with certain people...and the mere fact that you don't SEE his 'Mormon agenda' proves that he is dangerous.

I am guilty of 'falling for it' too. I kept thinking he was sounding more "Christian' than 'Mormon'...I wondered why the LDS church didn't step in. Then, with his rallys and such, it all made sense. This is part of "The Plan". They do have a 'plan' you know. Like most cults, they obviously have no problem deceiving people to meet their agenda. The ends, justifies the means.

Do you realize that when Glenn presents 'historical facts' that have been proven false, yet weaves them into other 'facts' that were truly hidden he's furthering the Mormon beliefs? I was going to go to all the trouble of digging up the videos of him doing this, but I realize that you have your mind set. That is your believe as you wish. Just know, that Glenn is regurgitating the false 'history' that the Mormon Church uses to 'prove' it's viability. When you shine the light of truth, or facts on these tidbits that were fabricated...the LDS 'religion' is revealed as false. But you don't have to watch Glenn lie about the "Bat Creek Stone" to know that what he believes is a cult. Just go to the LDS website and see what they believe. Then, do some searches and find out that 'Divine Destiny' is another Mormon thing (and a Glenn thing).

Bottom line? We know, as Christians that when a 'prophet' delivers an untruth, we need to disallow everything they've said and done. The fact that Mr. Beck is using his tv show as a platform to further his 'walk' and 'works' to get to his idea of 'heaven', means, to me, to toss the whole lot out. When I found out my next door neighbor (a Mormon) had her daughter baby sit for us for free, and kept track of it on a poster in her room as part of her 'good works' (required for salvation), I made sure I ALWAYS paid her. I did not want to be party to her deception.

If you cannot discern what Glenn Beck is doing, then you need to open your eyes and ears to those around you who are doing the equivalent to warning you of walking out into traffic unaware. Also, please know that Glenn cannot separate himself from his religion...he HAS to 'work' for his salvation, and once I realized the LDS was backing him, and praising him for his 'works', I knew that I needed to shut out his deceitful mission from my life.

If you still have trouble believing that the fact that he is Mormon and uses his tv & radio programs to further his agenda, look up what his new book is all about. He's not hiding it any longer. Satan is the father of lies. He can use those with charisma and a smattering of 'truth' to lead us astray. Beware. Think about what the phrase 'wolf in sheep's clothing' really means.