Suzi (12 Jan 2011)
"Article on Glenn Beck's new book"

I know that the conversations on 5 Doves goes back & forth on Glenn Beck, but he settles the issue once and for all with his new book. He's not even trying to hide what he believes. He's come out of the 'new age/NON-Christian' closet!

No matter what good he says on political issues, he's got an agenda, and it's completely AGAINST our Lord. He believes, as Satan told Adam & Eve, that he/we too 'can be as God'. Total and complete Satanism. I wouldn't even watch or listen to him anymore, because I believe he is in full combat mode with the enemy.

I know it's a sore spot with so many people, but the end does not justify the means, it doesn't matter that he gives us 'good info' on the government or political figures...that is a front. He wants us to think that he's a good Samaritan who is looking out for our well being as a nation. The only reason he's doing that is part of his religious beliefs and a way for him to get to his 'heaven'...basically his own planet where he can be a god. Scary.

This is not opinion...this is fact, backed up by Biblical truth. Don't be fooled. Stay safe.