Suzi (12 Jan 2011)
"Thank You Fay re: LDS stuff"

You did what I thought of doing and didn't. As you say, all one has to do it google what Mormon's believe (from their own site), what GBs past is, and then read things from former Mormon's and any Christian can see/feel the dangers.

Thank you for doing that.

As about the 'seeing the AC around every corner'...the fact is, one day, SOON, the AC WILL be around some corner!! Hopefully, we'll be flown by then, but we can still see the 'candidates' working their way up. Does one believe that some non descript janitor someplace is going to assume a place of power on the world stage? No, it will HAVE to be someone with 'connections' will have to be someone with the background in religion &/or politics to fill that role. It is insulting to think that we can not see and use the discernment that God has given us to be wary and to warn others. In fact it is our duty to do as much.

Anything that does not glorify Jesus as LORD and SAVIOR should be held to the light to see the flaws...Oprah, GB, or anyone making the kinds of statements they have, need to be gone over with a fine tooth comb. They are, after all, only human...if they open themselves to spiritual manipulation, Satan would be very likely to use one such as they.