Suzi (10 Jan 2011)
"To Mike Curtiss re: Fay (7 Jan 2011)"

Mike, you said:

"Do you folks ever stop eating and destroying your own. Glen Beck's a Mormon in name only. He wanted to marry his wife of 20 years. In order to do
so he converted. I'm so tired of the witch hunts. We are destroying our own more effectively than the liberal progressive nazi's. Please give it a rest."

You cannot honestly be that naive. I thought too, when I learned that Glenn Beck was Mormon that he was just giving 'lip service' to his 'religion'...I kept telling my husband that he was going to be excommunicated for some of the 'Christian' things he was saying. Then, when he had the 8/28 rally, I realized just how dangerous this man was. If he is profession Mormonism, he is DENYING Christ. His 'god' is not GOD. Just the fact that the LDS church and it's leaders have NOT come down on him, in fact praise him for his works (those are brownie points toward getting him his own planet), prove he is a REAL bonafide MORMON.

He's woven so much truth in between his Mormon doctrine that it is easy to miss. I admit, I missed it too. It bothers me that I didn't listen to the 'hinkey feeling' I was getting from him.

There is no 'witch hunt' when there really is a 'witch'. I use that term with complete understanding, trust me. When my Mormon friends tried to get me to convert back when I was a practicing Witch, I listened to their spiel and declared, 'that's not far from what I believe, why change?'.

Being your own god? Ruling your own planet? 'Pre-existance'? C'mon. This is NOT Christianity.

When you champion the enemy, you are denying our Champion. Just sayin'.

Don't be fooled by his patriotism, that is part of the Mormon beliefs, they believe it is there 'divine destiny' to push us to their ideal. He idolizes George Washington, who was a Freemason. Joseph Smith took the Freemason 'rites' and incorporated them into the Mormon 'rites' that only the highest in their church understand.

I do not think that Glenn is duped. I don't think he is a Mormon 'in name only'...if that were the case, his 'elders' would shut him up. He is helping them out, or they would shut him down.

Know the enemy or be devoured by him.