Susan Waigwa (28 Jan 2011)
"How will France betray the US??"

Hi Kent and all Doves 

You wrote about how the Lord told you that France will betray US. 

If I recall, correctly, the one more person who was told about one country betraying another is Dumitru Duduman, the Romanian servant of God who was sent to prophesy over America, America will burn.  His grandson Michael Boldea, published all the prophecies and revelations in the Hands of Help website.  The article is too big for John to carry it here.  Google “America will Burn” by Dumitru Duduman.  When you read the revelations, you will se that he was told not to wait for the Rapture and many people have interpreted it to mean, that the rapture will not happen, rather the Lord told him not to expect the rapture because he would die before the rapture.  Dumitru Duduman died in 1997 if I am not mistaken.


Susan Waigwa