Susan Waigwa (25 Jan 2011)
"We are entering into the darkest days in a couple of months."

A few months ago, I posted the message below.
Last week, on Friday 21st I was seeking the Lord in prayer and was asking Him about the message/revelation below, asking Him to protect my family, if this was a message for us only.  I woke up on 22nd somewhere after midnight and continued seeking Him, I had communion and went back to sleep.  For the first time, the Lord revisited me on the revelation/dream.  I was again made to know that we are entering very hard and terrible times, and I could see that this will happen in a few months.  He let me know that our grand-fathers (those in their 40’s and above, never experienced what we are about to go thru.
In the evening of Saturday, 22nd I logged on to, somebody here had posted a link, and I listed to Rick, where he interviews, PS, Nathan and Augusto.  I was on edge because what they were saying was a confirmation of what I had received.  I couldn’t sleep very well thru the week-end, thinking thru this thing.  I felt compelled to share with anyone who might listen.  In the earlier dream/revelation, the Lord showed me that our R20.00 will soon be R16.00 which means our Rand will devalue by about 26-28%.  The Lord is speaking to different people of what lies just ahead, and it is frightening, though we are commanded not to be.  I have never advocated to stocking food, but now I feel that it is the way to go, buying extra’s of what we normally use.  After listening to Rick and the other brothers in the Lord, this is worth preparing for.  Though our food will not save us, we are not banking on it anyway, but it shall sustain us and our loved ones, until things change.  This morning, when I came to the office, I found an e-mail from Jerry Golden, warning of what is coming and to prepare, thus, between Saturday and today, I can say I have received 4 confirmations, that I am not going crazy that there are crazy, hard, dark days in a couple of months.  If you never linked in to truenews, do so now and listen to the interviews on 14 Jan 2011.  God bless you.

My earlier message was: 

This is the message, I do not believe, but I know for sure the Lord spoke to me in a vision on Sunday night. 

He said “Avoid hell at all costs, for the hard/evil times ahead”.  This He didn’t sound like He was talking to me only but to a lot of people, and I believe, in this site, we are a lot of people.  I could hear Him pleading with us, not only that we should love him, but He doesn’t want any one of us to go to hell thus “Avoid hell at all costs”

God bless you and see you soon in Heaven, the land for the happy and freeeeeeee.

Susan Waigwa