Stacy Raborn (28 Jan 2011)
"A Day in the Life"

This morning, while half asleep and half awake, I had a vision, dream, daydream, or something of this nature.  In this vision, the New Madrid earthquake had just happened, and we here in north Texas felt it shake and rumble.  At this moment, everything went dead.  Electricity was gone, and the reality hit me that it was probably gone forever.  That was a terrible feeling.
As I continued with the dream, I walked through a day in the life after the quake.  How would I eat this morning?  Where would I use the bathroom since the toilets would no longer flush.  What about washing my face and hair?  Then I began to ponder how we would cook -- outside in the cold and with what?  Do we have the right utensils?  How would we keep warm in the house?  We don't have a fireplace, and everything is electric.  If we wanted to try and run our old generator, would we have enough gas to even last a day?  How to we continue to feed our animals?  What about my 21-year old son?  How will he get here, and what if he can't get here?  How will we communicate?  What do we do with ourselves at night when the coyotes start howling and coming onto our property (which they already do)?  How will we keep ourselves from going crazy and getting depressed, because there is such silence and darkness?  How do we protect ourselves from all the spoiled arrogant Americans (that we have become) when everything is taken from them and they begin to get desperate?
Obviously, those of us who love the Lord Jesus know that He will hide us in His pavilion and under the shadow of His wings, and He will provide for us just as He does His little birds.  But, we will continue to trust?  We will truly be prepared to make it through many many days in this life?  This is where our faith will be tested. There may be a time coming that we, the Bride, must endure for a little while before we are removed.  Who knows but Jesus, but it is something we must prepare our hearts for just in case.
My best friend has been urging me for two years to prepare for a disaster, and I have done some.  After this morning, however, I am in high gear.  The Lord showed me a day in the life, and it will not be pretty..  It will be awful.
I urge you all to of course, always continue to strengthen your faith first and foremost, and then begin, or finish if you've already started, preparing for what is about to come upon this earth.  He is showing us every day -- every single day we get yet another sign of this impending evil.  Jesus is so good to us, and we must pay attention to His calls and warnings.
And before I end, I wanted to share one other thing that I think is important.  I have the bible on CD, and I am going to download it all onto an I-pod and buy lots and lots of batteries so I can continually have the word in my ears should we lack light.  There will come a day when the Word is even scarce and hard to find.  Therefore, it simply must be in our hearts.
I just wanted to share this in hopes that it may get some of you thinking more as well.  We can't ever really imagine what it will be like, but if we do stop and take a minute to actually walk through a day in the life, we will see that there are many, many unanswered questions, and this will help us prepare.
I pray right now in the name of Jesus that all of us realize where we are, and I pray that we all receive and heed the warnings our wonderful and loving Savior has given to us.  As my best friend always says, surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing His secrets to His servants, the Prophets (Amos 3:7).