Spoely (15 Jan 2011)
"Paul Wilson:  Rock of the Devil?"

Come on Paul.  Where did the comment about Rock come from?  I understand the lyrics can be wrong, but the tunes…no way.


The devil might have stolen the music, the same way he has high jacked religion, the act of sex. Idols are made out of rock, stones, and trees. People worship the sun, the moon, stars.  Does their abuse make them the property of the devil?  Should I get rid of my gold wedding ring because gold has been used in idol worship?  I trust you enjoyed the sun today?  (Maybe not if you live in Michigan.)  Remember the sun was worshiped by the Egyptians.  Does that make it ‘of the devil?’


What proof do you have that Rock is the genre of the devil?


I personally hope that some of the tunes of all music will be represented in heaven.