Shelva Sirry (7 Jan 2011)
"To Gwendolyn re: My Dream"

Dear Gwendolyn,
What a fantastic experience to have with the LORD.
First let me say your instincts were right to pray about not being left behind. Both dreams were from God and not the devil. Believe me, the devil would never warn you that you might be in danger of missing the Rapture.
There was something between you and going in the Rapture and God wanted you to get it straight. Jesus said to pray that you be accounted worthy to escape what is coming. Your prayer of your love for Jesus amounted to the same prayer but different words.
Your second dream was confirmation to you that God heard you and that you will be going in the Rapture. I have not understood what the meaning of God sending Adrian to get you is yet but I know it is important. In relation to you his name means something but I have not had time to research it yet. I'll let you know if God gives me further insight into this.
Also it struck me at how polite you were to Adrian in your dream. I believe God was pointing out to you that you are a very loving and sweet person flowing in the fruit of the spirit. One morning a few years ago I said "goodmorning" to the members of the Trinity. Then on impulse I said goodmorning to my guardian angel. Immediately I asked God to forgive me if I did anything wrong and I asked Him if I did. His wonderful answer to me that only God would think of was, "It is never wrong to be polite to anyone." What a great God you and I serve.
Thank you so much for sharing.