Shelva Sirry (26 Jan 2011)
"To Paul Wilson re: Sabbath Prohibitions"

Yes, Paul, the Jews prohibit a lot of things on the Sabbath. However, the Sabbath that we are now to observe and on in the MK forever is far different. Now that the New Testament is in force we no longer observe The Law of the OT.
The Sabbath now has reverted back to what God gave man in Genesis. On the seventh day we are to REST. That is the only thing we are required to do. No man made laws or even Jewish traditions added to it. If you have something you want to do on the Sabbath that is not hard labor, you are free to do it. The Sabbath is meant to be a blessing to us and so it is. "My yoke is easy and My burden is light."
Freedom is the key here. God said He made the Sabbath for man (man's sake) and not man for the Sabbath. The MK is going to be a wonderful place to be. I have found now when I rest on the Sabbath I am more productive in six days than I would be in seven. Our bodies and those of our animals are made to require rest every seventh day to maintain good health. It's all for US!!!!!! God is so good.
Hope this helps.