Shelva Sirry (12 Jan 2011)
"To Gwendolyn Casey re: Your Guardian Angel"

Hello Gwendolyn,
I was blessed to know how much we have in common. Since you have asked God to show you the importance of Adrian to you, He will more likely tell you than me.
No, Adrian is not your Guardian angel. Our guardians never leave us. Although super powerful they also are not the most powerful of the angels therefore they need the help of others at times. Also angels have different assingments so our guardians do not do certain things for us; (like different angels escort our spirits to heaven when we die.) To prove my point: remember when Gabriel was sent to Daniel but he was not strong enough to get thru the Prince of Persia's (the devil) army? Gabriel is a Messenger angel. God had to send Michael, a Warrior angel, to fight and help Gabriel break thru.
Based on your dream I would have to say angels may help us rise up in the clouds to meet Jesus in the Rapture. I have not noticed that in The Word but neither is it disputed. If they do, I am not sure they will be visible to everyone. Since I do not believe we "disappear" at the Rapture I think it possible angels will help in some way. I also believe we are "changed in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye" after we get up in the clouds and not on earth. I believe we are seen rising up to meet Jesus as He was seen rising up until the clouds took Him out of sight.
No matter what happens, it is an exciting time to be living for God and belonging to Him.
God's best to you,