Sharon Kaiser (27 Jan 2011)
"Fay's Temple post"

Fay, I saw your post this morning that linked to Jeff Seif's Zola Levitt Ministries video.
The video showed the training site near Jericho which is being built to train for the
Third Temple sacrifices and other duties as outlined in the Old Testament.  As for me,
my heart leapt as I watched it.  I have known for years about the red heifer and other
preparations for the Third Temple.  When I was in Israel in 2003, I visited The Temple
Institute on Misgav Ladach Street in the old city of Jerusalem.  The Institute was founded in
1987 and has prepared priestly garments and vessels for use in the future temple.  It also
has been involved with finding the "10th red heifer" that will be suitable for preparation of
the ashes of purification.  I thank you, Fay, for posting the link.  It was news for me, and points
out that God's prophetic flow is moving quickly.  Even so, come Lord Jesus.
Love to you and the Doves,
Sharon Kaiser