Sandra Jean (31 Jan 2011)
"Water Baptism and Ian McCormack"

The most extraordinary Christian testimony I've ever heard is that of Ian McCormack, the young guy from New Zealand who was stung by 5 Box-Jellyfish off the coast of Mauritius.  He went from being a 24-year old atheist into full-time Christian ministry for over 27 years (church planting, missionary work in S.E. Asia, pastoral care, evangelism, bible school teaching, counseling) and has ministered in over 40 nations around the world.

I listened again to the audio account of his experience in the ambulance.  He knew he was dying and asked God to help him pray the Lord's Prayer that his mother taught him.  Words appeared "forgive us our sins," so he proceeded to ask God to forgive every sin he had ever committed.  Then new words appeared, "forgive those who have sinned against you."  Suddenly the face of the Indian taxi driver appeared, the one who pushed him out of his cab, God asked, "will you forgive him?"  Then the face of the Chinese man, God asked him, "will you forgive him"?  Everyone who's heard this tape knows he had other plans for both men.  But the faces would not go away until he forgave them from his heart.  Then the next words that appeared were "thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven."  Ian asked God, "for the last 24 years I've done my own thing, does that mean I've got to humble myself and turn the reins over to you?"  God answered, "yes."
Afterwards, Ian asked  the following questions of God:
  1. God, what have I become?  Son, you are a reborn Christian.
  2. What must I do?  Read your Bible.  (He got his father's Bible and in 6 weeks read the Bible in its entirety from Genesis to Revelation.)
  3. God, what on earth took place?  In the ambulance, you prayed the prayer of salvation (Mathew 6).  Son, born again is to have your sins cleansed and forgiven.  You give your life fully to me.  (John 3:3, you're born again.)  Those that call on the name of the Lord shall be saved (Romans 10:8).
  4. God, you mean I got saved, cleansed of my sins, right in the ambulance?  That's right. 

Below are questions/answers from Ian's website: