Ruth (5 Jan 2011)
"A possible timeline"

Jack Van Impe's 52 year generation theory interests me, I did the math from June 7, 1967 in 52 360 day jewish years. It's roughly into Nov of 2018. I also subtracted 7 more jewish years, and landed on Dec of 2011. Considering WW1 ended in Nov of 1918, Nov 11 to be specific and 11 represents Aquarius and Antichrist. 11-11-11 I find to be highly suspect, I also in my studies know the Illuminati plan a 13 week war, 91 days. Going backwards from 11-11-11, you land on July 12, 2011. Which makes sense for the beginning of the war, and the end of the war strides in Antichrist bringing psuedo peace. Appearing with all power, lying signs, and wonders....
I can speculate that the rapture would have to occur sometime before July 12. I also suspect this will be the Psalm 83 war, and not the Gog Magog war. The Gog Magog war occurs when Israel is a land of unwalled villages, unwalled village means no military defense. Which I suspect will be the result of Antichrist posing as the Messiah of Israel. So, Gog Magog IMHO will not happen yet.
One thing is certain, the possibility of all this beginning in 2011 seems to be very high.