Rowina (6 Jan 2011)
"Robert Belanger's beautiful prayers"

Robert, I love your prayers, their profound words.  I prayed with you the prayer for Dee Mort which
you put on Five Doves on January 4.

You prayed for me before, and I ask one more prayer now.  I seem to be unable, again, to take chemo
for  my high platelets.  From the latest attempt I have gotten such pain in my feet (will see the doctor today
to guess with him what is causing it--chemo?  the disease?) that I can almost not walk and can't take care
of my house unless things change.  I may be suddenly ready for "hospice"--although that may be just a
wild surmise.  Although my disease is called cancer, it is not malignant; it is a rare form of "proliferation"
of normal cells from the bone marrow.  I have too many platelets and red cells.

I don't know whether this disease is hereditary or not, and neither do doctors, although there is some
research going on concerning it.  If it is, is it a family curse from way back in the middle ages?  Possibly.
What I am finding out now is that most things known by the rational mind are now eluding me.  What is left
is the heart.  And the heart wants the Lord.

So thank you, dear Robert and anyone else, for praying for me.

I pray for all the Doves that their hearts' desires--the Lord Jesus and His kingdom--may come at once.