Rowina (22 Jan 2011)
"My first "good" dream, of rescue by Jesus"

I don't usually dream, but if I do they are "anxiety dreams",   I have
had "good" visions in the waking state, but I cannot remember a "good" dream.

But last night, around midnight, a good dream came to me.  I dreamed that
Jesus came to save me from a situation in which my life was threatened.  He
didn't come on a white horse--I think it was beige/roan color--but the horse
was not the important thing, except that He was riding fast on it.  He was
dressed in a dark cloak which would have been in vogue two centuries ago,
but the darkness was not sinister; it was just the typical garb of a man of that
era.  He was identified to me as "The Lamb of God".  Odd that the Lamb would
be riding a horse, but He was.

He wafted me out of my predicament to some other place that was good and
safe, and then I woke up.  I received the impression that this was just the first
part of a bigger rescue that was coming soon.

So that's my "good dream".  Thank you for the personal touch which keeps
me keepin' on keepin' on, Jesus!